To participate in EuroVis you should register either as a contributor if you are an author and have a presentation (any paper or poster), or you can register as a virtual attendee. Registration as virtual attendee is optional but highly recommended to get access to the virtual event platform.

All presentations will be streamed on YouTube.

Virtual Attendance (Free)

EuroVis 2021 is free to attend for all non-contributors. If you do not present a paper or poster, you are welcome to register by following the link below. Contributors do not need to sign up here, since they are included in the contributor registration. By signing up as virtual attendee you will receive access to the (optional) virtual event platform.

Contributor Registration

A single contributor registration is mandatory for every accepted contribution, including EuroVis full papers, EuroVis short papers, STARs, EuroVis posters, the Dirk Bartz Prize, workshop papers, and all invited journal papers. All contributions (except for invited journal papers) are required to pay the Gold Open Access (GOA) publication fee.