Contributor Registration

EuroVis 2021 is enabled through the registration fees of the authors. Hence, a single contributor registration is mandatory for every accepted contribution, including EuroVis full papers, EuroVis short papers, STARs, EuroVis posters, the Dirk Bartz Prize, workshop papers, and all invited journal papers. All contributions (except for invited journal papers) are required to pay the Gold Open Access (GOA) publication fee. Contributor registrations are due by 31 May 2021 the latest.


This year, we use a simplified fee model. Below you find an overview of the registration fees for papers (full, short, STAR, Dirk Bartz Prize, workshops), invited papers (CGF, C&G) and posters.

Eurographics MemberNon-Eurographics Member
Paper330€ + 260€ (GOA)350€ + 340€ (GOA)
Invited paper330€350€
Poster190€ + 50€ (GOA)240€ + 50€ (GOA)

As Eurographics member you enjoy a price reduction. To become a Eurographics member you may visit Eurographics membership. A regular membership is 80€ per year and a student membership is 45€ per year.

Gold Open Access (GOA)

For every full paper, short paper, state-of-the-art report, Dirk Bartz Prize, and workshop paper one author is required to pay the Gold Open Access fee, which is 260€ for EG members and 340€ for non-members. For poster authors a reduced Gold Open Access fee of 50€ applies. Authors of invited papers are not required to pay the Gold Open Access fees, since those papers are already published.

Data Protection

For more information about the general data protection regulation, see here.