Sustainability Projects

EuroVis 2021 will donate to the nonprofit climate protection organization myclimate to support sustainability projects. Below, you find a small selection of the many international projects that are conducted by myclimate. The donation will be invested in an international climate protection portfolio, not limited to the projects shown below.

Blue Forests for Coral Reef Protection

Madagascar, Bay of Assassins

This carbon offset project fosters sustainable use of mangroves, or “blue forests”, to avoid deforestation and degradation. Healthy, intact mangrove forests take up carbon, protect the population from natural disasters and help conserve coral reefs – a key habitat for endangered species.
Mangrove forests in Southwest Madagascar are not only a precious and biodiverse ecosystem, but are also vital for the local communities.
There is no need for treatment – the water of this small creek is pristine and protected by this project.

Indigenous communities protect rainforest in Fiji

Fiji; Vanua Levu (Cakadrove and Macuata provinces)

This carbon offset project aims at preventing further deforestation of a globally significant ecosystem. Instead of earning their living by harvesting timber, the local landowners – several Fijan clans – will establish a protected area which generates carbon credits.

Efficient Cook Stoves save Habitat for the last of the Mountain Gorillas


A reduction in the use of firewood means habitat for animals, less deforestation, reduction in greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, more time and money, and improved health for women and girls in Rwanda! This can be achieved with the subsidised sale of energy efficient cook stoves to families around the Volcanoes National Park in North-​West Rwanda.
The gorillas are just as threatened by diseases passed on by humans, which are often fatal for them, as they are by the deforestation.


Would you like to participate? Numerous organizations oversee and carry out sustainability projects, from renewable energy, to clean water and recycling. We encourage you to read more about the current global carbon emissions and to become active.

We thank myclimate for providing project descriptions and image material. For more information visit